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Important Concepts

My teaching, my counseling practice and the seminars I conduct are all rooted in several important concepts. The mastery of these ideas can have a transformative power in our lives. 



The Unconscious Ego-Self: The ego-self is a relatively unconscious part of the inner life that comprises our habits of thoughts, feelings, emotions, drives, impulses, sensations, intuitions, imagination and so forth. The ego-self is not one: we have many different competing motivations and goals in life -- self and others, adventure and preservation, work and play, love and solitude, and so forth. In some ways, a veritable war is sometimes taking place deep within. We think we are free, but in many ways we are determined by the habits -- some good, some bad -- of the ego-self. The ego-self percolates up into the "ego mind."


Field of Consciousness: The field of consciousness is the part of the self that deals with the world - attuned, aware, adaptive, accountable.  The field of consciousness is usually shaped by inner life habits, some good, some bad.  

The Higher Self: In order to consciously and willfully manage the field of consciousness, we train ourselves to rise into the higher self. The main levels of the higher self for Wisdom Works® are:  the Observer Mind, the Objective Mind, the Rational/Moral Mind and the Truth Mind.  Further aspects are experiences of Love, Beauty, the Good, the Holy and the Divine.

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