Jewish/Religious Studies
and Resources

Abbreviated Shabbat Morning Liturgy

Overview of the Hebrew Bible - Tanakh

Passover Seder at a Glance and 
The Shortest Haggadah in the World

Outline of the Haggadah

Sha'ar  HaYichud Chapter One,
Hebrew and English

Kuntres Ha-Hitpa'alut

Initial Notes on Studying the Bible
for meaning. 9 Oct 21

Outline of Torah - Written & Oral Torah

Shaar HaYichud English Only Entire Book

Wisdom Work

Wisdom Work - Ego States

Wisdom Works Outline

26 Jan 22, ver. 2.5 (w/ page numbers)

 Processing with Another - outline draft

Parenting the Soul of Your Child 

Spirituality and Spiritual Direction

Basic Wall of Virtue Practices

Insight Practice: Higher Self Regulating Ego-Self - Beginning of Soul Work

The Act of Will

Into the Shadow - Basic Map 26 Aug 2020

Outline of the Sephirot 

Basic Elements of the Lurianic Myth