Outline of the Haggadah

Omer Calendar 2022

Parenting the Soul of the Child and Teenager

Spirituality and Spiritual Direction

Sha'ar  HaYichud Chapter One, Hebrew and English

Overview of the Hebrew Bible - Tanakh

The Act of Will - PDF

Initial Notes on Studying the Bible
for meaning. 9 Oct 21

Shaar HaYichud English Only Entire Book

Passover Seder at a Glance and The Shortest Haggadah in the World

Handout for Abbreviated Shabbat Morning Liturgy, Torah and Haftarah  Blessings

Processing Class

Wisdom Works Outline

26 Jan 22, ver. 2.5 (w/ page numbers)

Kuntres Ha-Hitpa'alut

Basic Wall of Virtue Practices

Insight Practice: Higher Self Regulating Ego Self - Beginning of Soul Work

Outline of Torah - Written 

and Oral Torah

Into the Shadow - Basic Map 26 Aug 2020

Outline of the Sephirot