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Ohr HaTorah Synagogue was founded by Rabbi Mordecai and Meirav Finley in 1993 and continues to inspire Jewish practice and celebration in the lives of many in the LA area. To follow Rabbi Finley’s services, classes and seminars at the congregation please check the OHT website. 

Jewish Professional School (i.e. seminary), with programs for clergy (rabbis & cantors), chaplains, community leaders.

Where you can view recent Shabbat Teachings from Rabbi Mordecai Finley online. 

The HUB on Venice is more than just a community, it is a way of life. Composed of six thriving, vibrant entities, including:

Ohr HaTorah Synagogue, Kinder Circle Preschool, Venice Boulevard Community Center, Beach Communities Jewish Center, Institute for Wisdom and Conscious Living, and the Sophos Café. 

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