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Star of David with praying hands

My attitude towards Judaism is "trans-denominational" in that my approach reflects and incorporates aspects of several denominations of Judaism.

My mission is to encourage and to include those who choose Judaism as their faith, religion and spiritual path. I am especially supportive of those that hope of becoming a Jew by choice in the future.

Like those in the Reform and Reconstructionist movements, I believe that Judaism is evolutionary and developmental; I do not believe that Halakha - Jewish law is the direct will of God. Jews have the responsibility in each generation to add to this development and evolutionary growth.

I do not identify as a Reform because of the more traditional nature of my services and my approach to the observance of the commandments. I part with the Reconstructionists on the issue of a personal God - our services at Ohr HaTorah, school and adult study are informed by the belief in the reality of God.

As in the Conservative movement, I aim to strike a careful balance between tradition and change.

From the Orthodox, I learn an unabashed love of God and Torah, as well as a serious devotion to study and Jewish tradition.

I am especially influenced by the spiritual and mystical aspects of Judaism - the Kabbalah and Chasidic dimensions. 

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