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Think of the individual as a field. In the center of the field is your core self. Your values, your virtues, the noble and good things about you. Outside that sacred center is the area of the activity of your inner life. You want that area to be filled with love, intimacy, joy, creativity, righteousness, good work and so forth. Outside of all of this are the forces beyond, some of them negative. Once those negative forces get too far inside, we can become angry, resentful, feel deep senses of loss or despair, feel irrational guilt or obligation, feel unworthy, anxious, fearful or envious. Spiritual-psychological counseling focuses on strengthening our connection with our core or higher self, and keeping negative forces, whether they arise from within or outside, under control. We talk less about feelings than how to manage them. Certain feelings, even when valid, are not beneficial to us for very long. We must learn to be resilient, insightful, courageous and compassionate. 


The goal of counseling is to apply wisdom to all parts of your life. 


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