Wisdom Works  - Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology / Chasidic Psychology / Kabbalah / etc. 


I currently teach several times a week online, on a variety of topics, both on Zoom and Facebook live.  The classes are open all people, of any or no religious background or spiritual orientation. Please go to my synagogue website to be added to our mailing list to get the most updates information:  www.OhrHaTorah.org.


My main focuses are:


Wisdom Works - Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology:  Spiritual Psychology, as I teach it, starts with the idea of “Higher Self” that ought to govern the “ego self.”  The Higher Self can be relatively objective, and is the source of our values. Some of the main concerns of the Higher Self are love, justice, truth and beauty, the realm of the Holy, and the Knowledge of the Divine. For the agnostics and atheists who study with me, I don’t emphasize belief in God, unless that happens to be a specific topic. I have found many agnostics and atheists to be deeply spiritual people, but who have different terms for “the Holy” – oneness with the Universe, a powerful sense of meaning and connectedness, and so forth. My focus is not to preach “religion”, but rather to help people live lives of meaning, depth and virtue.


Other focuses of my teaching are Chasidic/Kabbalistic thought and psychology, moral theory, philosophy, theology and other issues.

During the "shutdown" I teach briefly on Friday nights at 7:00 PM (Zoom and Facebook Live), and then every Shabbat Morning at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM until further notice. At 11:30 AM we conclude our morning with Kiddush, Motzi and final song. Please subscribe to our synagogue list for most updated information. 


Summer 2021 Classes:
Four Weeks – July 7 to July 28


Advanced Wisdom Works, Continued: Reading of Assagioli's Psychosynthesis - Wednesdays, 6PM

Ongoing Seminar in Wisdom Works - Wednesdays, 7PM